About Tressa Shuttleworth

Kendall Cares Profile Tressa Shuttleworth, Community Relations Manager Tressa was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska.  While she had grown up around the car business her entire life, she had never envisioned herself wanting a career in the car industry until coming to work for Kendall.  In 2011, Tressa began working part-time at Kendall while she was attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks and studying Art.  She moved to Boise, ID with an opportunity to work at the company’s corporate headquarters as the Executive Assistant, in 2013. Since then, Tressa has spent time in many of the communities that Kendall does business in, including Bend, OR, where her role in the Kendall Cares team began.  When asked what her favorite part about working for Kendall is, she says, “After having the opportunity to see how Kendall takes care of their employees and gives back to each community that they do business in, I know that it’s a company I can be proud to say I work for.  It has become more than just a job for me and feels like an extended family.  Working for Kendall has opened many doors for my future and has helped me grow as an individual.” The things that Tressa enjoys most outside of work include fishing, art, great food, dancing, live music, exploring new places, and sharing laughs with friends and family.