Idaho’s Kendall Memorial Day Pay It Forward Sweepstakes came to an end with giving away $20,000. Kendall Auto Idaho highlighted three well-deserving non-profits in recognition of their hard work and dedication to the community and home-town heroes. Additionally, ten individuals were picked randomly from the sweepstakes entries on June 5th. Each community member winner received $1,000. The non- profit votes from the ten winners were tallied up, and the non-profits won as follows:

Non-Profits Winners:

Wyakin Foundation – $2,000

Boise VA – $3,000

St. Luke’s – $5,000

Individual $1,000 Winners:

Danielle Nylander

Jose Alvarado

Dale Templeton

Judy Koberlein

Barbara Platt

Kurt Laiti

Scott Sparrell

Pam Staton

Lanora Kelly

Carolyn Fenzl