Kendall Auto Eugene kicked off
‘There’s More that Unites Us Than Divides Us’
t-shirt fundraiser to support our local community.

This year has been devastating for so many people in our community. The pandemic forced us into quarantine and the tragic wildfires forced us out of our homes. We, however, are a community that answers the call to help and always will. Oregonians donated money, time, supplies even opened their homes to their brothers and sisters in need.

Amid all the chaos the community’s response showed us that there is always more that unites us than divides us.

After hearing so many people share similar sentiments, we decided to start our own fundraising campaign. Kendall Auto, The Eugene Emeralds, The Hope Project, Heritage Distilling, and Richardson Media are uniting to create this apparel to continue the spirit of unity, and contribute financial support for quick response needs– large and small, in our community.


Get the perfect gift for you and your loved ones while helping give back to a great cause! 100% of all profits will be donated to The Hope Project. To learn more about this amazing organization, visit: