The Kendall Cares team, including Kendall the golden retriever puppy, kicked off our first ever reading program with a first-grade class at Crooked River Elementary! Kendall spends time with the class of 21 students every Friday as practice their reading. The reading program, titled “Build a Reading Buddy,” was designed by the Kendall Cares team, Crooked River Elementary Staff, and teacher Miss Robirts to encourage the students reading progress.

Over spring break, every student hit their reading goal and earned their very own Kendall puppy. Now as they read at school and at home, they have a reading buddy that encourages them to keep learning. The more the goals they hit, the more accessories they will get to put on their reading buddy.

The Kendall Cares Central Oregon team looks forward to spending time with our first-grade class and want to thank Crooked River Elementary for partnering with us. Kendall the puppy would like to thank her class for teaching her new skills too, and hopes they look forward to every Friday they get to spend together.