Kendall Ford of Bend throws Pies for Peanut Butter

As the Peanut Butter Drive is just over a week underway, the team at Kendall Ford of Bend joined together to collect more donations with a Pie in the Face fundraiser. With eight pies thrown today, the Kendall Ford of Bend team raised just under $2000 that will go toward the purchase of more Peanut Butter for Neighbor Impact Food Bank.

Each pie was bid on by employees, and WOW did they purchase some expensive pies to throw today. Tim Long, Finance Manager, donated $500 to throw a pie in General Manager, Steve Devere’s, face! Three other pies went for over $200, which contributed to the grand total raised today. With the amount donated today only, Kendall will be donating over 67 more cases of PB! Thank you to the Kendall Ford of Bend team for participating, taking & throwing pies, and most importantly making an impact in our community (and having fun doing it too).