Demo Day is a remarkable event that provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their innovative technology and machinery. By attending the event, Kendall had the chance to meet top industry players, gain valuable insights, and make connections that will drive informed decisions for their business. Here are some additional insights into what makes Demo Day such a valuable event:

  • The exclusive VIP dinner on day one is a great way to meet and interact with invited vendors, customers, and friends in a relaxed and informal setting. This dinner provided a unique opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who are passionate about the latest technology and machinery in the industry and support an amazing non-profit Wishes for Warriors. Wishes for Warriors Corp is a charity committed to providing impactful experiences and resources to support combat wounded members. Their success is measured by qualitative measurements such as the effectiveness of their programs, not just monetary size.
  • Day two was open to the public, making it an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and gain valuable exposure. Visitors saw state-of-the-art solutions and cutting-edge technology that can help them gain a competitive edge in the coming year.

Check out some of the reels on their Facebook page of demonstrations and new technology.

Learn more abut Wishes for Warriors at their website