Kendall GM of Nampa recently joined hands with Interfaith Sanctuary at their Annual Gala, “Shakespeare in Jeans,” held at the picturesque Idaho Shakespeare Festival site. The event was an exquisite blend of creativity and compassion, bringing the community together for a meaningful cause.

The Gala featured an enchanting silent auction, showcasing the innovative 501(c)(3) Jean collection. This clothing line was beautifully reimagined, incorporating the heartfelt artwork and words of the Homeless Art Collective artists. It’s a testament to how art and empathy can collaborate to create something truly special.

Adding to the magic of the night were the soulful musical performances by Curtis Stigers and Bill Coffey. Their talents echoed through the evening, resonating with the audience and amplifying the event’s purpose.

The night also witnessed the debut of Interfaith Sanctuary’s Project Sing, a heartwarming showcase featuring the organization’s guests. It celebrated their voices and highlighted the strength that comes from unity and shared experiences.

Throughout the event, touching stories were shared, showcasing the incredible impact of Interfaith Sanctuary’s work at their current shelter. Additionally, attendees received exciting updates about the ongoing remodel of the new shelter on State St., illustrating the organization’s dedication to providing better facilities and services to those in need.

And what’s a gathering without good food? The Gala was no exception, treating attendees to a delightful meal prepared by both City of Good and the guests participating in Interfaith Sanctuary’s Food Service Training program. It was a perfect embodiment of collaboration and community coming together to nourish both body and soul.

Kendall GM of Nampa cherishes being a part of events that stand for a cause, and the “Shakespeare in Jeans” Gala by Interfaith Sanctuary was a true reflection of the positive change that collective efforts can create.