Imagine every child having access to the pure joy of play, regardless of their family’s financial situation. The Imagine Children’s Museum has made it their mission to turn this beautiful vision into a reality. Their innovative approach involves “Pay as You Can” Community Access Nights and discounted memberships, making sure that the doors to a world of fun are open for everyone.

The heart of their mission lies in inclusivity and accessibility. They go beyond offering discounted access; they collaborate with schools, family service organizations, and local nonprofits to ensure that the joy of play reaches even the most underserved communities. By fostering partnerships and working closely with these entities, Imagine Children’s Museum extends its reach and spreads the love of learning and playing.

One recent shining example of community support is the collaboration with Kendall Subaru of Marysville. The Champions for Children Breakfast, a successful fundraiser aimed at bolstering the Museum’s impactful work for the little ones in the community. This event showcased the power of community collaboration, uniting individuals and businesses to invest in the future of our children.

Imagine Children’s Museum understands that play is not just fun but a fundamental aspect of a child’s development. Through their various initiatives and partnerships, they are making strides in ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity to experience the joy, creativity, and growth that come with play.

By supporting organizations like Imagine Children’s Museum and participating in events like the Champions for Children Breakfast, we are collectively investing in a brighter and more inclusive future, where every child can embrace the magic of childhood through play. Let’s continue to rally behind these initiatives, for the children and for a better world