Kendall Auto Idaho is honored to stand as a proud supporter of the Bishop Kelly Foundation, an organization that has been making a significant impact for over 47 years by providing financial assistance, support, and scholarships to Bishop Kelly High School.

Established with a commitment to enriching educational opportunities, the Bishop Kelly Foundation plays a crucial role in supporting Bishop Kelly High School’s mission to provide quality education to its students.

The foundation’s main fundraiser, the Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction, serves as a vital source of financial support. Last year’s auction, which Kendall Auto Idaho proudly contributed to, netted over $400,000. These funds directly contribute to school operations and much-needed scholarships, representing approximately 40% of the foundation’s annual contribution to the school.

For the 2023-2024 school year, the Bishop Kelly Foundation’s dedication translated into a remarkable $670,000 in scholarship assistance and an $835,000 operations grant. These contributions play a pivotal role in keeping tuition lower than any other Catholic high school in the Pacific Northwest, ensuring that the benefits extend to each and every family associated with Bishop Kelly High School.

By supporting the Bishop Kelly Foundation, Kendall Auto Idaho underscores its commitment to community well-being and education. The foundation’s efforts align with Kendall’s values, reflecting the belief that investing in education is an investment in the future.

As a partner in the Bishop Kelly Foundation’s mission, Kendall Auto Idaho is proud to contribute to the continued success of Bishop Kelly High School, fostering a community where quality education is accessible, and every student has the opportunity to thrive.