Kendall Auto Idaho welcomed the winter season with open arms and dazzling lights at Indian Creek Plaza Winter Wonderland!  The entire plaza has been transformed into a mesmerizing spectacle, with millions of twinkling lights along Indian Creek, creating a magical ambiance that captures the spirit of the season.

The Winter Wonderland at Indian Creek Plaza offers an enchanting experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Ice skating under the starlit sky, surrounded by the captivating glow of lights, brought joy and laughter to the hearts of everyone who joined in the festivities.  The holiday spirit is undeniably alive and thriving at Indian Creek Plaza!

As we embrace the winter magic, Kendall Auto Idaho encourages everyone to make this season unforgettable. Bask in the enchanting glow of the lights, lace up your skates, and join in the festivities at Indian Creek Plaza.  Let’s come together to spread cheer throughout the community and create lasting memories during this festive season.

Don’t miss out on the free festive fun at Indian Creek Plaza—where winter wonder takes center stage!  Whether you’re gliding on the ice or simply soaking up the magical atmosphere, the plaza is a perfect destination to celebrate the joy and beauty of winter. Let’s make this season one to remember!