Alyeska Resort Spring Carnival celebrated a 47-year tradition!  April 26 – 28, 2024 was three days jam-packed with entertainment, skiing, and SLUSH!

Kendall Auto Alaska was a proud sponsor of this year’s Alyeska’s Spring Carnival and Slush Cup Presented by Alaska Airlines

Crazy costumes, bombing down a hill, trying to build up enough speed to skim across an icy pond. That’s what the Slush Cup—held every April at Alyeska Resort—is all about. The fact that very few people make it across just adds to the fun. For the few that did congratulations and fantastic feet of acrobatics! Huge jumps, belly flops, crazy crashes, flips, and loads of laughs!

The Slush Cup has been an Alyeska tradition for 47 years and is part of the Spring Carnival. The pond skimming is the year’s biggest event at Alyeska—skiers clamored to be one of the 50 people chosen to participate and thousands of people turned out to watch it. And while it gets quite rowdy, families and kids will enjoy the spectacle. Moose, bears, the Statue of Liberty, bride and groom, and even Chewbacca to name a few flew down the hill and splashed in the ice-cold water.  Great job to all who participated and what a show you put on!