The statewide winner was determined by a committee, and let us tell you, it was not an easy decision.

We are pleased to award a one-year lease on beautiful RED Toyota Camry to Darlene Zehm.


Congratulations Darlene!


Below are all of the nominees and the Regional winners.


Fairbanks Winner – Bernice Joseph
Bernice has influenced many people to better themselves through physical activity, prayer and diet. She has supporters that are part of Team Bernice. Her team shares recipes, accomplishments, and supportive encouragement. In her quest for fitness and wellness Bernice has cut all sugar, wheat and most dairy products from her diet.


Angie Tallant
Angie was inspired to make lifestyle changes by attending the Go Red Luncheon. Scared about her weight and feeling exhausted, she made changes to her lifestyle. Today she has lost over 100 pounds and has inspired her Father and Brother-in-law to join her journey to be heart healthy and lose weight. This year she will walk into the Go Red event triumphant over her past and in charge of her body.


Julie Benson
Julie created a blog for her weight loss goals to, in her words, increase her accountability. Her lifestyle changes have changed her family’s views on exercise as well! She and her two young girls participate in local fun runs all summer long. Not only fun family time, Julie’s efforts have lowered her cholesterol, lowered her blood pressure, and lowered her blood sugar.



Anchorage Winner – Julie Michaels
As a heart disease survivor, Julie is an excellent example of embracing a healthy lifestyle. Last summer she competed in 12 running events including three half marathons. She was also the top finisher in the mended heart division for the Alaska Heart Run! Run Julie run!


Sinnamon Bovey
At her heaviest, Sinnamon weighed over 300 pounds. Today she is a shining example of healthy living! She ran in her first 5K at the age of 41—currently she is working on fulfilling her dream of participating in a triathlon! She works hard at not only at improving her own health; she daily works to improve the lives of veterans, her friends and her family.


Joyce Goodell
Joyce is an open heart nurse at Providence and is the head of the heart team. She literally saves lives every day but her focus on her own heart health and that of her family and friends is her priority. She inspires her sons, nieces, sisters and friends around her to be more involved and active. Leading by example is her legacy!



Mat Su Winner – Darlene Zehm
Darlene had a heart attack on December 21, 2007. To say it was motivation to change her life is an understatement. Significant lifestyle changes and daily exercise has helped Darlene lose over 300 pounds. Last year she completed four half marathons and participated in 17 different races. A retired educator, she also makes it a priority to share her story and motivate young people to be active. Each year she crosses the finish line of the Alaska Heart Run with one of her former students.


Karron Cobb Weiss
Karron has a pacemaker, but that doesn’t hold her back from giving it her all in fitness classes including Boot Camp. She joined the program with Linnea, her daughter. Karron, like many women, grew up thinking that to lose weight you had to eat less. . .starving yourself was ok. She was shocked to learn that she could and should eat more calories. She has had a tremendous increase in energy levels and is thrilled that she continues to lose weight and get healthier.


Thank you to all who voted and helped spread awareness about women’s heart health.