Kendall Ford of Meridian is proud to support the American Heart Association and women in the Treasure Valley who are making heart-healthy lifestyle changes!

Between January 28-February 4, vote for one of the top three finalists who will be honored at the Heart Association’s VIP Awards Night on February 7!



Beth Nelson is a wife, mother, dog lover and new inductee into the heart- healthy life style club. After years of no major health issues her choices were to medicate, or try losing weight. Beth works for Blue Cross of Idaho and was lucky that they supported her journey of life style change through their Healthy Living Program. Beth’s last 8 months have included a new job, a move across county and the death of her mother. Beth has lost 56 pounds since July 2014 and has a sustained blood pressure of 128 over 70 without the need for any medication. She feels great and is passionate about moving forward….and never looking back.




Being a healthy adult is important to me in so many ways. By making good nutritional choices and cooking in a creative and healthy way for my family, it has instilled this as our way of life. Regular exercise in many forms provides me with energy throughout the day for challenging schedules and commitments. Encouraging myself, family and friends to be healthy comes from my experience as a nurse and knowing how important it is. I enjoy participating in the community and through my children’s activities to help improve and support a higher quality way of life for all ages





My passion for all things health has had many ups and downs since I first began my journey in 2011. I have lost 100 lbs and I have had 3 pregnancies in the course of two year, but I have always remembered to stay focused and passionate about putting my health (physically, emotionally, and mentally) as a top priority. The importance of setting a healthy example for my children and inspiring just one person to succeed on their own personal journey reminds me to keep going and to never give up on myself.