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In the heart of Canyon County, the Caldwell Night Rodeo (CNR) stands tall as it celebrates its centennial year, and Kendall GM of Nampa is honored to be a sponsor for this historic event. Recognized as one of the nation’s Top 20 Professional Rodeos and consistently ranking within the Top 5 Large Outdoor Rodeos, CNR is a testament to the enduring spirit of rodeo excellence in our community.

Welcoming over 50,000 enthusiasts across five thrilling nights, CNR has become a cornerstone of rodeo tradition in the Pacific Northwest. Pioneering the nighttime rodeo trend, it offers a uniquely illuminated spectacle that captivates audiences with its electrifying ambiance. With over 700 top-tier participants and seven dynamic nightly events, CNR promises an unparalleled display of rodeo prowess.

The CNR experience is not just a rodeo; it’s a community celebration. The spirited “Rowdies” and the traditional “Civies” make up the vibrant audience that actively contributes to the immersive atmosphere of this remarkable event.

The rodeo’s accolades are a testament to its significance. Heralded as Canyon County’s #1 Large Outdoor Family Event in 2015, 2016, and 2017, CNR has consistently proven its excellence. Real Time Cowboy Magazine recognized it among the Top 10 Rodeos in the US, and American Cowboy Magazine included it in the prestigious list of the 101 Best Events in the West. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) has repeatedly nominated CNR as the Top Large Outdoor Rodeo in the US, highlighting its esteemed position within the professional rodeo industry, with 10 nominations in the last 20 years.

As Kendall GM of Nampa, we are proud to be a part of this historic celebration and support an event that not only showcases the incredible talent of professional cowboys, cowgirls, and remarkable animal athletes but also fosters a sense of community and tradition that has spanned a century. Here’s to another hundred years of rodeo excellence at the Caldwell Night Rodeo!


Sunday & Monday August 11th & 12th- Slack

Tuesday August 13th- First Responder Family Night

Wednesday August 14th- Man Up Crusade

Thursday August 15th- CNR Strong

Friday August 16th- Patriot Night

Saturday August 17th- Championship Night

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