If you are a graduating senior and meet all eligibility requirements, follow these steps for your chance to win.

Step 1: Turn in your application form – Final applications are due on May 1st.

Step 2: 1st drawing- students will be separated by school and each participating school will have 10 finalists. Schools or districts not participating will be put into one large drawing and 10 finalists will be drawn. By May 22nd all the names of the finalist will be posted at Kendall Ford of Meridian, shared on social media, as well as updated at KendallGivesBack.com.

Step 3: The 10 finalists from each school will be combined into one large final drawing celebration to take place at Kendall Ford of Meridian on June 6th with a live broadcast. Finalists must be present to be eligible to win.

Step 4: At the drawing ceremony, on June 6th, 20 names will be drawn. Each of these students will receive a key. If their key starts the vehicle, they are the grand prize winner. The runners up will each receive a $1000 scholarship.

All paperwork must be turned into the appropriate school district by May 1st. If your school/district is participating, your application MUST be delivered to the appropriate contact by the due date. Submissions to Kendall Ford of Meridian for a student at a participating school will not qualify. If your school/district is not participating, Kendall will accept application forms between April 27th and May 1st. All dates are subject to change, please check back for updates and additional information throughout the year. Submission of application verifies the student/parent understand that this is a drawing and application does not guarantee receipt of anything from Kendall Ford of Meridian. Signed paperwork states that the student has met all qualifications and their parent/guardian has signed to allow involvement in the drawing. If for some reason Kendall Ford of Meridian, participating high school or Journal Broadcast deems an entry invalid, it can be removed. If the submission of a finalist entry is deemed invalid, the prize will be forfeited. Insurance and sales tax will be the responsibility of the winner/parents and will be required to take possession of the vehicle