MOM Logo_red2016 Kendall Cares Mom of the Year Winner is announced, congratulations to Michelle McCoy!

Michelle McCoy

Eugene Mom - MichelleMichelle was nominated by multiple friends and family for our Mom of the Year contest. Michelle has done an amazing job balancing her family and career where she is a highly respected professional leader in the banking industry. She is a happily married mother of two young children, sadly she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. During her battle with cancer, Michelle has remained the active, adoring mom for her children and wonderful wife to her husband. To date she has defied all odds, and continues to keep a positive attitude to beat this battle. In the midst of her own battle, she still manages to reach out to others offering her love and support as they battle life threatening illnesses of their own. A most unselfish and wonderful mom who continues to set an example for her family as to how to live each day to its best and its fullest. Michelle is truly amazing!

Michelle should be recognized for her love and devotion to her two beautiful children, the remarkable job she has done managing her life crises, while also focusing on supporting her family.

Michelle’s husband owns a local, small business, and she also helps him with his bookkeeping. He works very long hours, so Michelle has always had to juggle a demanding full time career herself, as well as being the best mother she can. We don’t know how she does it, but Michelle also finds time to give back to the community by volunteering for Junior Achievement, CASA, and Habitat for Humanity.

After all that Michelle has gone through physically, emotionally and spiritually from cancer, she could really use a Mother’s Day pampering.