Kendall KIA proudly took to the golf course as a sponsor for St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital Scramble for the Kids, a cherished tradition that combines the love of golf with a heartfelt commitment to the littlest patients at St. Luke’s.

The annual Scramble for the Kids brings together teams for a competitive four-man scramble-style golf tournament, creating a day of camaraderie and friendly competition on the green. As the teams navigate through 18 holes, they not only enjoy a beautiful day on the course but also contribute to a cause that holds immense significance—the well-being of the children at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.

Following the golf tournament, participants gather for a delicious lunch, tournament awards, and a chance to delve deeper into the impactful work being done at St. Luke’s Children’s. Now in its 38th year, Scramble for the Kids has been a remarkable success, raising over $2.4 million to support the children at St. Luke’s.

Beyond the golf and awards, the event offers participants the opportunity to learn more about the young patients cared for at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. The day is not just about golf; it’s about coming together as a community to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children facing health challenges.

Kendall KIA’s sponsorship reflects its commitment to community well-being and the belief that supporting events like Scramble for the Kids is crucial in creating positive and lasting impacts. The golf tournament, complete with awesome gifts and prizes, is a not-to-miss event that not only celebrates the spirit of competition but also stands as a testament to the collective strength of community support for St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.