1st Grade Meets Furry Friend: Kendall’s Reading Program at Crooked River Elementary

Kendall the Golden Retriever returns back to school at Crooked River Elementary for the second year of her reading program! Miss Robirts 1st grade class gets to spend their Friday afternoons learning how to read and write with a reading buddy by their side. When Kendall is not there, they each have a plush golden retriever that reminds them what they learned in class and encourages them to continue reading at home. Each student earned their own Kendall stuffed animals by tracking reading minutes at home and turning in their cards to our Kendall Cares representative, Megan! They have been tasked with reading more minutes each week as we near the end of the 2024 school year, where they will earn more prizes for their hard efforts. Stay tuned to see what other awesome items Kendall brings them as they work hard to become better readers, writers, and students!