2023 Kendall Soapbox Derby in Bend Oregon2023-09-27T11:40:32-07:00
2023 Kendall Auto Soapbox Derby in Bend, Oregon
2023 Kendall Auto Soapbox Derby in Bend, Oregon
September 30th, 2023 | 2:00PM - 6:30PM


It’s time to build! Join Kendall Auto Group for the second annual Soapbox Derby at River’s Edge Golf Course! We are inviting our community, local businesses & nonprofit organizations, high school teams, and beyond to participate in an event benefiting our local charities. Build a gravity-powered Soapbox car, choose a theme, and identify what nonprofit you will be splitting your prize money with.

Nonprofit organizations, local businesses, high school teams, Kendall Auto team, friends & family, and beyond!

Grab some team members & build a gravity powered Soapbox car! You will be judged on the design & creativity of the car, and how fast you make it down the hill. Lastly, choose a beneficiary you will split your prize money with.

11:00am – 2:00pm: Team Check-in & Soapbox Car Check
2:00pm – 3:00pm: Spectator judging & soapbox car show
-Long Putt Competition, food vendors open, bars open
3:00pm – 5:30pm: Time trials & racing
5:30pmpm – 6:30pm: Awards & Celebration

River’s Edge Golf Course
400 NW Pro Shop Dr, Bend, OR, 97703

The Kendall Auto Soapbox Derby was designed to create memorable & impactful experiences for our community while giving back to our local nonprofit organizations. Kendall Cares will be donating up to $10,000 between the top 3 teams (Up to $5000 for 1st, up to $3000 for 2nd, and up to $2000 for 3rd)*. Teams are required to choose a beneficiary that they will donate 50% of their winnings to, and can choose to keep or donate the other 50%.

*Kendall will be putting $500 in the prize pot per car entered. Encourage your friends to compete, and watch the prize money go up!


11:00am – 2:00pm: Soapbox Brake checks & check-in
2:00pm – 3:00pm: Spectator judging & soapbox car show
-Long Put Competition, food vendors open, bars open
3:00pm – 5:30pm: Time trials & racing
5:30pmpm – 6:30pm: Awards & Celebration
Where can I see what a soapbox race looks like?2023-08-25T07:21:24-07:00

Check out the highlights from our 2022 Soapbox Derby and these other fun soapbox car videos



Fastest Soapbox Car Wins


What is a soapbox derby?2023-08-21T10:55:38-07:00

The soapbox derby is a motorless car race; the cars only accelerate with the help of gravity. The slope of the hill helps propel the cars around corners or through obstacles without using an engine or motor. All soapbox cars are built by teams, and each must have functioning brakes and steering. Teams are limited to 5 members total and three team members maximum may sit in the car. The rest of the team members who are not driving can be pushers in the 10-yard push zone!


Step 1: Grab your team & choose a theme

Step 2: Fill out the entry form

Step 3: Build it!

Step 4: Choose your nonprofit beneficiary

Step 5: Show up and win all the glory!

Your total score will be based on –
1. The design and creativity of your car, judged by the spectators
2. Time – We will start with a time trial and seed the teams after that
3. Bonus: Add in a performance before you start racing and earn bonus points for your overall score

Prizes – Kendall will be donating up to $10,000 between the top 3 teams. At least 50% of your winnings must go to your chosen nonprofit, and your team can choose to keep or donate the other 50%
• First place – 50% of total prize pot up to $5000
• Second Place – 30% of total prize pot up to $3000
• Third Place – 20% of total prize pot up to $2000

*Kendall will be putting $500 in the prize pot per car entered. Encourage your friends to compete, and watch the prize money go up!

1. NO pyrotechnics, fire, fireworks, candy, ice, or anything that may cause a dangerous track, may be thrown from the car at any time.
2. NO smoke, chalk, mirror, or vision-impairing props
3. NO Alcohol – drinking & driving do not mix
4. NO texting or operating a cell phone while driving

1. Each team must sign a waiver before competing at check-in.
2. Teams are limited to 5 members total. Three team members maximum may sit in the car. The rest of the team members not driving can be pushers in the 10 yard push zone at the start.

a. Once the car is in motion, no jumping into the car is permitted; this includes the pushers.

3. Each team will be allowed a 10-yd push at the start line by one designated pusher. The pusher cannot step over the start line.
4. Cars must be gravity-powered. No kinetics, wind, propulsion, engines, or other means of acceleration are allowed.
5. Cars must have functional brakes.

a. We recommend testing your brakes in a variety of scenarios before you hit the race course!
b. Your brakes will be tested by Kendall Auto technicians; cars that are deemed unsafe will not be allowed to compete (You are welcome to bring them into our dealership and test a week before the derby).

6. “Face-first” driving position is not allowed – head and body must stay in car.

a. Your face cannot extend past the front bumper of your car.
b. Steering controls must be in front of all members inside the car (drivers and passengers).

7. Helmets are required. No bike helmets allowed, these must be DOT or motorcycle style helmets for your safety.
8. Arms and legs must remain in the car at all times.
9. NO exposed sharp edges are allowed.

a. Sheet metal edges must be folded over or hemmed

10. Cars must have at least two wheels in contact with the track at all times.
11. Maximum car dimensions:

a. May not exceed 5 feet or 60 inches in width
b. May not exceed 10 feet or 120 inches in length
c. May not exceed 6 feet or 72 inches in height
d. May not exceed 350 pounds in weight
e. If you would like us to tow your car back to the top of the hill between runs, please add some sort of tow attachment

12. You can have a push pole but it cannot exceed 10 feet.
13. Luges or skateboards do NOT qualify as a derby car. Additionally, teams are not permitted to used skateboard or caster wheels.

How do I build a DIY Soapbox Car?2023-08-21T12:03:02-07:00

DIY Soap Box

Where can I see what a soapbox race looks like?2023-08-25T07:21:24-07:00

Check out the highlights from our 2022 Soapbox Derby and these other fun soapbox car videos



Fastest Soapbox Car Wins


How can my non-profit be involved?2023-08-21T12:03:59-07:00

Non-profits can participate in the Kendall Soap Box Derby in two ways:

1. Enter the race as a non-profit team. With this option, your team can raise money for your non-profit and compete in the race!

2. If your organization would like to raise money but isn’t quite ready to compete, you can partner with a community group or business that is entering the race. If your non-profit would like to be involved and you don’t have a team to partner with, please reach out to the Kendall contact below and we will try to find you a match!


These are the participating teams and the beneficiaries they will be donating to.

TEAM 1: Toyota Rascals

Organization: Kendall Toyota of Bend
Nonprofit Competing for: Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon & SW Washington provides access to medical care, a home away from home, and a community of support for seriously ill or injured children and their families. The mission of RMHC is to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and wellbeing of children. Guiding us in our mission are our core values: Lead with compassion. Focus on the critical needs of children.

Learn More: https://rmhcoregon.org/bend-house/

TEAM 2: Downhill Gravity

Organization: Jim Wade (Summit HS Robotics)
Nonprofit Competing For: Summit HS Robotics & Forge School

About Summit HS Robotics: Summit High School Robotics is a high school robotics team based in Central Oregon. We give students the opportunity to develop hands-on, real-world skills in engineering, programming, business, and more. Their FIRST Robotics (FRC) team is part of the PNW district and has competed with teams from around the world.

Learn More: https://summitrobotics.com/

About FORGE School: Instead of asking if a child is smart, FORGE School asks how a child is smart. The purpose is to build next generation leaders with the core capabilities of storytelling, problem solving, and prototyping. Forge is structured as a studio-centric model that ignites passions, taps into potential, and ultimately develops mastery to build the leaders of tomorrow.

Learn More: https://www.forge.school/

TEAM 3: Safari Speedsters

Organization: Mercedes-Benz of Bend
Nonprofit Competing For: Think Wild Central Oregon

Think Wild is a 501c3 nonprofit wildlife hospital and conservation center based in Bend, Oregon. Our mission is to inspire the high desert community to care for and protect native wildlife through education, conservation, and rescue and rehabilitation.

Think Wild operates a wildlife hotline that responds to 2,500 calls per year about injured and orphaned wildlife and provides veterinary services to those needing care for release back to the wild. We also host a wide range of youth education programs and work with public and private landholders to restore wildlife habitat and prevent wildlife conflicts.

Learn More: https://www.thinkwildco.org/

TEAM 4: Peach’s Possy

Organization: Kendall Ford of Bend
Nonprofit Competing For: Every Kid Sports

Every Kid Sports provides youth sports grants to kids from income-restricted families so that they too can experience the positive benefits of playing. EKS help kids play youth sports through The Every Kid Sports Pass, which means through donors & partners, they pay, and the kids play.

Learn More: https://everykidsports.org/

TEAM 5: Awful Knofel

Organization: Kendall Collision Center
Nonprofit Competing For: KIDS Center

KIDS Center helps Central Oregon children and their families heal from child abuse. We provide a host of services under one roof—from medical evaluations to forensic interviews, therapy and family advocacy. We provide a safe, comfortable space for healing to begin.

Learn More: https://www.kidscenter.org/

TEAM 6: Always Truckin’

Organization: Specialized Transfer, LLC
Nonprofit Competing For: The Bethlehem Inn

Bethlehem Inn is a community-supported, high barrier emergency shelter that provides a warm, safe place to sleep, nourishing meals, and case management services for adults and children experiencing homelessness in Central Oregon. This life-saving and life-changing work could NOT be done without the generosity of this community.

Learn More: https://bethleheminn.org/

TEAM 7: Doc’s Downhill Destroyers

Organization: Mountain View HS Robotics
Nonprofit Competing For: Heart of Oregon

Heart of Oregon Corps empowers youth and young adults through employment, job training, education, and service to Central Oregon communities.
Our vision is clear. Heart of Oregon Corps is a leader in empowering youth and young adults to transform their lives and their communities. Through this work, we will create a future with equitable opportunities in Central Oregon.

Learn More: https://heartoforegon.org/

TEAM 8: Scrap Hounds

Organization: Backyard Media – KSJJ 102.9
Nonprofit Competing For: High Desert Makers

The High Desert Makers is a non-profit organization of passionate makers, ready to spread the love of their craft. Central Oregon’s innovation inspirers! Central Oregonians are a collection of dreamers, doers, storytellers and innovators who have all chosen this beautiful place as home. The result is a thriving community of makers who help weave the cultural fabric of this unique area. To showcase the depth of creativity that flows here, Visit Central Oregon created the “Central Oregon Makers” campaign. The hope is that the content inspires others to seek out and support the people who bring the Central Oregon region to life.

Learn More: https://www.highdesertmakers.org/

TEAM 9: Snow & Stoke

Organization: Oregon Adaptive Sports
Nonprofit Competing For: Oregon Adaptive Sports

Oregon Adaptive Sports envisions a day when every person with a disability has access to the benefits of outdoor recreation. They create access to high quality outdoor recreation experiences to individuals with disabilities, including programs such as cycling, golf, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Their programs are designed to accommodate a wide range of populations with different skill levels from first time to elite athletes.

Learn More: https://oregonadaptivesports.org/

TEAM 10: Darth Mater

Organization: Kendall Ford of Prineville
Nonprofit Competing For: Neighbor Impact

Neighbor Impact’s mission is to support people and strengthen communities. They help meet the needs of over 55,000 households in Central Oregon, which includes providing food resources, housing help & bill help, free education, and careers. Their vision is to create a community where all residents have hope, optimism, and access to community resources that see them through times of need.

Learn More: https://www.neighborimpact.org/

TEAM 11: Boy Scouts – Troop 21

Organization: Boy Scouts of America
Nonprofit Competing For: Central Oregon Scouting

Scouting is the youth program designed to bring in everyone from the family to the great outdoors, learn new skills, and develop character. For more than a century, the Boy Scouts of America has instilled in children and their families a sense of accomplishment and pride, teaching them how to become future leaders of their communities.

Learn More: https://www.craterlakecouncil.org/


Organization: Summit HS Robotics / Chaos Theory
Nonprofit Competing For: Summit HS Robotics Booster Club

Our program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn about engineering & technology in a hands-on and fun environment. The FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) program’s mission is to inspire young people to become science and technology leaders by directly involving students in designing, modeling, building, and operating robots in competition. 100% of Booster Club revenue is given to the Team. Chaos Theory is primarily supported by our Booster Club, so we encourage you to donate to it, rather than give directly.

Learn More: https://summitrobotics.com/

TEAM 13: Racing Grace

Organization: Shepherd’s House Ministries
Nonprofit Competing For: Shepherd’s House Ministries

At Shepherd’s House Ministries, we strive to feed the hungry and to shelter the homeless, but our deeper aim is to walk alongside the hurting and the needy to effectively address the life-controlling issues that perpetuate the long-term cycles of pain and homelessness. In an environment of grace, our goal is not to modify behavior. Our goal is to see hearts healed and lives changed from the inside out.

Learn More: https://shepherdshouseministries.org/

TEAM 14: Team Scoofa

Organization: B2 Boiz Building & Design
Nonprofit Competing For: Central Oregon Veterans Ranch

Central Oregon Veteran’s Ranch is a working ranch that restores purpose and spirit to veterans of all ages. For the past five years COVR has operated a 19-acre working farm and engaged hundreds of veterans of different ages and eras in peer support and agriculture-related activities, or “agri-therapy”. COVR has built community and camaraderie among veterans in Central Oregon and around the state.

Learn More: https://www.covranch.org/


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